Sunday, September 27, 2009

Made It... Sort Of...

So Wednesday I woke up bound and determined to make it from Montgomery, Alabama all the way to Providence, Rhode Island before October. 1,300 miles of interstate stretched before me and I didn't have a ride, but my determination won out... for the most part. 20 miles of walking, 7 hitches, 2 semi trucks, 1 hour in a Pennsylvania State Police car, a short bus ride and a robbery later, I'm sitting in Providence, Rhode Island.

The cop, one Officer Powell, who picked me up for walking on the interstate (which is illegal in Pennsylvania), didn't write me a ticket. Instead, he searched for a way for me to get to my destination without breaking any more laws and even drove me 40 miles up the road where I could continue my journey. Thanks Officer Powell.

To avoid arrest, I took a bus from Hazleton,PA to Rhode Island and had a 1 hour layover in New York. While waiting for my bus to arrive, some random ass-hat snatched my carry-on bag which was 2 feet away from me. I chased him for about 2 blocks down Amsterdam Avenue until my bad ankle blew out (again). I limped back, short one novel (On The Road by Jack Kerouac), a pen, a scrap of paper that had the name and phone number of a guy who was going to give me a place to crash when I arrived in Providence, a camera case (empty) and most importantly my journal which containes every detail of my trip thus far.

So, my log of everything I've done, everyone I've met, and everything I've felt on my most important adventure is gone, lost in the streets of New York, probably in a dumpster on Amsterdam Avenue.

I'll try to remember everything that was in it, but I know that so much information is lost and will never be retrieved. That journal was the most important thing I had and this setback is by far the worst.

I'll see if I can find a place to crash in Providence. They're running all the homeless people out because they errected some massive tent city downtown, so sleeping on the streets is now impossible.

Let's see where my adventure takes me next.


Midassa said...

I'm so sorry about your journal! I know how horrible that must be for lose your writings...esp personal ones! I AM glad you've made it to your destination, if not entirely happy. I hope the rest of your journey continues to give you surprises, only happier ones than the loss of your journal.

Anonymous said...

Hey J,
Good to hear from you, I was starting to get worried! Look on the bright side, at least you are still hear to tell us about your adventures! Be careful up there!!!- Cassie

capybaramom said...

Hi J.
Maybe some of the people who gave you info will read this and get in touch with you somehow. HOPE NOTHING ELSE BAD HAPPENS!
Grammy had total knee replacement last Tuesday and is staying with us to recover.
Be safe and take care of that ankle.
Love, Mom

Paula said...

I'm sorry. Wow, you know these blog updates are better than any new "season premiere" on TV. May your ankles be strong and may you find kinder souls along the way.

Gracie said...

:(! I'm so sorry that you lost your journal, but it was pretty awesome to hear about Officer Powell.

*hugs* Take care of your ankle, and yourself.

Michael Foux said...

I felt sick when I read about your journal. That's one thing I can identify with. Remember a few years ago when I lost five years of my journal to a hard drive crash? I thought I had it all backed up. I was wrong.

victor said...

Hi, Jason. Just found your blog (thanks, Cassie!!). Will share this with Susan. Good luck!

Zaklog the Bibliophile said...

It's nice to see that there are some cool police officers out there, and that they are represented in my home state of Pennsylvania. Hope you're having fun up north.

Do the leaves look different up there?