Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apples and Clams

While walking across Providence in a desperate attempt to get to a Best Buy so I could find out if someone was going to put me up for the night, I strolled through the rain for God-only-knows how many miles. On my walk, while drenched and drowning in the unrelenting downpour, I emerged from beneath an overpass to see numerous apples rotting on the sidewalk beside Rhode Island Hwy 2. If they had all been the same size or in the same state of decay, I'd have assumed they had been tossed out. But they weren't. I looked up and beheld an apple tree.

After setting down my pack I plodded up the hill and selected a nice, mostly ripe apple. It was quite tasty and scrumptious. I had never picked an apple before and if I hadn't been forced to walk across Providence to Warwick, I wouldn't have had that experience.

With the apple consumed, I tossed the core at the base of the tree and moved on to eventually find Best Buy and post the blog that went up the other day.

I spent most of today walking around Newport, taking photos of houses that are almost 300 years old, but the highlight of my day by far was eating clam chowder in White Horse Tavern. Built in 1673 as a home and converted to a tavern in 1730, it's the oldest tavern in the country. The bar and dining area is let my candles and oil lamps because there's no electrical wiring. The cash register is hooked up to an extension cord.

The bartender, a guy named Aryn, was extremely interested in my travels and shared with me stories of his time working on yachts and traveling with them. The chowder was great, the atmosphere was rich and the staff friendly. On top of that, I was eating in a tavern that was serving people drinks more than 40 years before this country was founded.

Thanks for the chowder, Aryn. And thanks for taking my picture at the bar. I'm going to hang on to that one.

I'd like to tell you all about my wonderful experiences in the Providence area, but eventually I have to sleep. All I can say for now is that the downtown district was designed to make your jaw drop. If you come up here, bring extra batteries and memory cards for your camera.

Take it easy everyone and thanks for following. Let's see where I end up next.


Midassa said...

I'm so glad to hear you're finding this leg of your journey so satisfactory...especially gastronomically! I love your updates and can't wait to find out where you and are what you've seen by the next blog!s

porrages said...

I don't believe I've ever picked an apple straight from a tree.

I can't believe how far you've already traveled, it's amazing. Your trip is turning out to be quite the adventure, I'm rooting for a safe return and a hundred cool stories to hear once you get back.


Gracie said...

Oh, Providence sounds like such a fantastic place! You're making me want to travel, Jason.

Have fun up North, take good care of that ankle. -- Gracie

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a great place to visit! Can't wait to see the pictures!!! Stay safe---Cassie

Paula said...

Apples in Providence?! One could ponder that symbolism for several days...Now if it had only been a pear tree. :)

Zaklog the Bibliophile said...

I just realized I know of a few free and relatively easy ways to promote your blog that might (emphasis on "might") garner you significant attention. Would you like me to do that, or is this mostly just for friends?

Midassa said...

Zaklog, the blog is for anyone who comes across it. I'm willing to bet he won't mind if you give it more attention! If you wait for him to give you the okay, you may be waiting for some time. We've all told people about it.

Anonymous said...

Jason -
Glad to here your stories of your adventures. I’m always looking forward to the next blogg. I find myself waiting for awhile before I check to see if you posed a new story, that way I have more to read than the one story. I told Amanda if I had a chance to do what you’re doing, I so would. Stay safe, have fun & watch out for all the Ass-clowns who take your crap! - Adam

Bridget Delaney said...

Zaklog/Shawn, glad to see you've stopped by Five's blog! Echoing exactly what Midassa said.