Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finding Peace

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Kisatchie forest looking for a break from the stressful 'civilized' life. I parked my truck at one of the many access points to the Wild Azalea Trail and started walking. After less then 2 miles, I left the trail behind and ventured into the forest. I didn't use a compass or a map, just aimless wandering in the woods until I found a secluded spot near a stream. I dropped my pack and walked around a bit, checking out the area. After walking nearly a hundred yards in every direction, I still could not see a single man-made object. There were no gum wrappers or cigarette butts. There were no beer cans or even charred marks where someone had once made a fire. I couldn't find curious piles of sticks or even cut branches where someone had fashioned a walking stick or gathered firewood. There was no sign that a human had ever been to my little place.

I went there looking for a break. What I found was a little piece of paradise.