Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We've never been accused of doing things the normal way, and for Adventure Chick and I spring break was no exception. While everyone else hightailed it to the Outer Banks for some balmy sunshine we drive north to a mountain cabin near Summersville Lake. With temperatures peaking in the mid 40's, our three days of canoeing and hiking certainly didn't feel like springtime. In fact, our second day of canoeing was during 21 degree weather. At least the sun was shining.

I could spend all day writing about clear mountain lake water and blue skies, about cool sand 18 feet below the normal water line and how my lunatic dog liked dragging his belly through it or magnificent rock formations. I could talk about sitting behind a waterfall that splashed down on ice-covered rocks and icicles hanging from the edges of the cliff above. I could tell you about rainbows caught in the mist.

I could type all those things here, but I won't. I will not waste your time or mine with some failed attempt to describe the magic of this wonderful place. Instead, I'll show you. It's simply beautiful up there in that mountain lake. Don't take my word for it. See for yourself.

Enjoying the view from behind the waterfall.

I named this place "Pirate Cave" or "Pirate Cove". The name changed every few minutes. There was no buried treasure but I'm pretty certain I saw a pirate sailing nearby.

You see the tree line? Way up there? Yeah, that's where the water usually is.

A miniature forest of ice crystals growing up from the ground.

One of the area's many waterfalls.

My Adventure Chick and Adventure Dog, cruising beside the cliffs.

Ice. One of the wonderful surprises Summersville Lake had to offer.

Frozen branch overhanging the waterfall.

Waterfall near Salmon Run boat launch.

Adventure Dog dragging his belly in the sand... again.

So glad we took this trip when it was still freezing cold.

I couldn't take outdoor photos without trying for at least one lens flare. Could I?

Caught the rainbow at the bottom.