Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Your Dreams: Realized

Recently I read an email from back home in which I learned that so many people were talking about my trip. I was told that me, doing this trip and being out here in places I've never seen before was inspiring people. People that I know were talking about how they suddenly wanted to travel, wanted to finish something they'd left incomplete or to just try something new.

That's such an amazing thing, to have that deep yearning to go out and do something new. It's such a powerful, raw emotion. It's inspiring. It's motivating. It's your fuel that drives you to accomplish great things. But just experiencing that emotion, understanding that you have a dream and wanting to see that dream become a reality is not enough. It's only the beginning. Wanting to do something is the easiest thing in the world. Knowing what you want to do and having that desire will only get you so far... and then you're stuck. If dreaming is all you do, you'll never leave your living room.

You have to take that energy that fills you and focus it into planning. You have to choose a direction and chart a course. You have to calculate and plot and figure out how to get from where you are right now to where you need to be. It could be long-distance travel, it could be taking up a new hobby, or simply finishing that project that you started last year. But if all you do is think about it, it will all remain unfinished.

Please, anyone who is reading this blog who has felt inspired by my trip to do something new and exciting and adventurous, don't leave it as a desire. Make some plans, organize your finances and figure out what you need to do to realize your dreams. And once you've done that, set the ball rolling. Start making preparations today. Start gearing up for whatever it is you're planning to do. Start saving money and getting in shape or taking knitting lessons or whatever it is you need to accomplish your goal. Make a bucket list and jump headlong into the biggest, most ambitious thing on it.

One day, sooner than you realize, you will die. And on that day there will be no time for another cup of coffee with your grandmother, sewing lessons, a trip to the Grand Canyon, skydiving, a cross-country road trip or a vacation to the Bahamas. If you haven't done what you desire to do, there will only be time for regret.

Don't be that person who faces death and says "I wish I had done that when I was younger."

Your time to act is growing shorter whether you use that time or not. When your life comes to its inevitable close, will you look back on it with regret or will you smile at the dreams you realized?


Michael Foux said...

Amen, brother.

Philippe Sillon said...

Hi Jason,

We really like your blog : you are a good writer and you seem to be a generous person. Your comments, inspirations and feeling about life will certainly profit to others.

We will follow you in your adventures and reflections.

If you would like to visit Montreal, you will be welcome in our home ;)

Mylene & Philippe

Peter O'Carroll said...

You speak the truth, Jason. By the way, I just bought you a replacement copy of On the Road at a bookstore in Pike Place Market, Seattle. As soon as I break it in (that is, read it—which I've been meaning to do for a long time), I want to send it to you. Can you figure out a way for me to do that? (thepeterocarroll@gmail.com)

AnOminous Mistake said...
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AnOminous Mistake said...


Thought you might be interested.

Enjoy the road, and keep your chin up. And don't get all big-headed with your worldly wanderer ways, lolz. Friends can be fickle...

Paula said...

2nd Amen!! Even if the ball that needs to get rolling is the size of a house ...anything is possible.

You are an inspiration.

Midassa said...

I love this post! Hopefully we'll all go out and realize a dream, no matter what it is!

Gracie said...

I will be the first to admit that you're making me want to travel like crazy! And I think that reading about your adventures are starting to make me brave enough to think about my own.