Tuesday, October 13, 2009

North Carolina and More

So far I'm digging North Carolina. Durham seems like a pretty cool city, but I'm spending some time in Carrboro, a small town south of Chapel Hill. It has a real community feel to it. People hang out near a grocery co-op and do their work on laptops while others walk their dogs, play with kids and do yoga. I took a nap on a bench there for an hour and no one bothered me. Actually, the people in general were quite friendly.

I intend to spend some time in this state, exploring Durham, Greensboro, Hickory, Boone and Ashville. I'm not just searching for a way to truly experience the area, but also searching for a place that I might like to move to. I need a change of scenery and with the constant Louisiana summer I can only go camping about two months out of the year. I want a state that actually has different seasons, instead of 9 months of summer and then a few cold fronts in January.

I'll probably be around the Durham area for about a week before hitching over to another spot. Once in Greensboro, I'll spend a few days checking out the small towns that surround it and looking at some of the hiking trails. Then it's on to Hickory and then Boone.

After I've checked out some different areas and experienced a decent portion of the state from the perspective of the locals, I'm going to turn my travels in a different direction. I've scoured maps of the state and found a place I want to go, an experience I want for myself. It's going to be tough, but I think what I plan to do around the end of the month or early November will help me grow as a person and an adventurer.

I'll keep you guys posted as I prepare for the next part of my journey, my next test.


Midassa said...

Keep exploring! I can't wait to hear more updates...esp after your journey into the wilds of NC!

Zaklog the Bibliophile said...

Greensboro, by the way, is the home of Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game, among other great books. Stop by and say hello to him if you can.

Zaklog the Bibliophile said...

Hey Jason, I'll say hi for you at the WA Reunion. I'll mention your walkabout and blog the Roy, by the way. Maybe you could end up linked from the rabbit hole. That'd be pretty cool.

Emiline Vance said...
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Emiline Vance said...

I live Lake Charles, LA so I know what you mean when you say "9 months of summer and then a few cold fronts in January".

Well...stay safe on your journey. Stop by Oklahoma (where I'm originally from) and say hi for me. :P