Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Am I Taking?

If I could, I'd do the entire trip with a daypack containing only a tarp, jacket, snacks, 2 bottles of water, a knife and a first aid kit but I'm something of a realist and I also have the worst luck for any human being on Earth. This realization and the desire to not die (or at least not die from anything stupid) has driven my equipment list up quite a bit.

A 4200 cubic inch internal framepack will carry everything I need.
3 Changes of clothes
1 Hooded Jacket
Leather Outback Adventure Hat
Lots of Socks
Three 1-Liter Bottles of Water
Homemade Alcohol Stove
Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol
Lightweight Pot (made from large ravioli can)
2 cigarette lighters
Leatherman Multi-Tool (Skeletool)
LED Flashlight
Small Mirror
1 set of Utensils
Large Knife
Water Purification Tablets
First Aid Kit
Sleeping Bag
Solo Tent
Bar of Soap
Bag of Rice
Assorted Foodstuffs
Peanut Butter
Summer Sausage

I will not be bringing a compass, as I own 4 and have yet to use one... ever. I do not get lost in the woods, hills, fields or rocky regions and even if I can't 'just feel' which way north is, I can always orient myself by the sun or the stars. My toothbrush doesn't have a handle because it's extra weight. Much of what I'll be toting will be peared down to save on weight/bulk. Many items will serve multiple purposes. Like the Bandana which is also a sweat rag, wash cloth, pot holder and tournequit. The Multi-Tool comes with tweezers and scissors which I'll be using to trim my unruly beard. It's also my main knife. My jacket is waterproof, so it's also a rain coat and a dry place to sit when the ground is wet. My backpack will likewise be waterproof, eliminating the need for a pack cover on rainy days. The rubbing alcohol is for first aid purposes and it's also my cooking fuel.

All in all, I should only be carrying about 30-35 lbs. Along the way I'll probably discover that I don't need all of what I'm carrying. My load may get lighter over time.

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